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CoReS seminar : Reflectance transformation imaging for documentation and surface analysis ...

Yuly Castro made a presentation on Wednesday November 25 of her work entitled “Reflectance transformation imaging for documentation and surface analysis in cultural heritage” Slides ...

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CoReS seminar : Long Short-Term Memory Deep-Filter in Remote Photoplethysmography

Deivid Johan Botina Monsalve made a presentation on Wednesday November 4 of her work entitled “Long Short-Term Memory Deep-Filter in Remote Photoplethysmography”.    Slides to ...

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Inter teams seminar: welcome

This Thursday, October 22, the new inter-team seminar was held online.   Flyer The new members of the administrative team Béatrice Migniot and Zyneb Ghali ...

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CoReS Seminar: Hermine Chatoux

Hermine Chatoux, who has just joined us as MCF, made a presentation on Wednesday October 14 of her work entitled "Measurement of the textured aspect ...

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Inter team seminar: Peter Sturm

On the occasion of the inter-team seminar, Peter Sturm, from the STEEP INRIA team, offered us an online seminar entitled: Environmental challenges and what blocks ...

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Challenge EMIDEC

The EMIDEC challenge concerns the automatic processing delayed-enhancement MRI (DE-MRI) in the framework of myocardial infarction. The two main objectives of the EMIDEC challenge are ...

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CoReS seminar: thermic camera calibration

On February 21, Thomas Herrmann presented his work on thermal camera calibration during the CoReS seminar. The slides of his presentation are available here.

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Inter-team seminar : Deep Generative Model

We had the honor of hosting Romain Hérault,  Researcher from INSA of Rouen , for the inter-team seminar on Januaru 16, 2020. He gave us ...

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PhD defense : Alexandre Krebs

The PhD defense of Alexandre Krebs entitled ” Imagerie couleur et multispectrale pour la détection de lésions pré-cancéreuses dans l’estomac” will take place the 11th ...

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Seminar-Demo CORES : Reflectance Transformation Imaging for assessment of the surface ...

This Thursday, November 12, Abir Zendagui and Gaétan Le Goïc presented to the team their work on the project they are carrying out with Marvin ...

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Doctoral days

The ImViA Doctoral Day offers to Ph.D students a unique experience to present and share their works and knowledge, every year since 2014.  The fourth edition will take place ...

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ImViA seminar : mathematics applied on image computing

Blind source separation for remote photoplethysmography, Yannick Benezeth (ImViA) QUARCH: a new quasi-affine reconstruction stratum, Devesh Adlakha (ERL VIBOT – ImViA – ICube) Intrinsic image ...


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