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General meeting ImViA 2023

At the general meeting on Monday 22 May 2023, the laboratory voted unanimously to support Stéphanie Bricq’s management project.

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Article from the Ministry of Culture on the SUMUM project

The Ministry of Culture has just published a brief on the SUMUM project: Last May, the ANR also devoted an article to the SUMUM ...

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CAVIAR wins the 2022 PENTA Innovation Award

CAVIAR wins the 2022 PENTA Innovation Award with image capture and transmission technologies that bring benefits to green and digital applications. CAVIAR wins the 2022 ...

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MICCAI 2022 awards

Congratulations to Tewodros Arega who, at the MICCAI2022 conference, won the LAScarQS 2022 challenge (best performance award) and also tied for 2nd place in the ...

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conference SITIS 2022

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ISM 2022 award: Rafi Houda

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Figure Contest

All the staff of the two laboratories ImViA and LEAD have been invited to send their most beautiful figures, whether they come from recent publications ...

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PhD Defense: Frederico Parra

Frederico Parra has defended his thesis “New developments in deep multimodal fusion unleash the automatic assessment of emotion dysregulation in adults” Abstract In this work, ...

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PhD defense: Yuly Castro

Yuly Castro has defended his thesis “A multilight approach for documenting and modeling the appearance of large cultural heritage objects” Abstract In recent years, advances ...

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PhD defense: Yu Liu

Yu Liu has defended his thesis “Lightweight Architectures for Spatiotemporal Action Detection in Real-Time” Abstract In the last decade, the explosive growth of video content ...

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Visit and seminar of Prof. Salah Al-Majeed

We are pleased to welcome Professor Salah Al-Majeed from the University of Lincoln to the lab. He presented his work to us in a seminar ...

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Meeting with the University of Buffalo

A delegation from the ImViA laboratory went to Buffalo in the United States to present our work and initiate collaborations with the University of Buffalo.

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