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Soutenance de thèse “Définition d’une architecture IoT sécurisée et adaptative basée sur la blockchain”

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Soutenance de thèse “Définition d’une architecture IoT sécurisée et adaptative basée sur la blockchain”


The PhD thesis defense of Axel Moinet entitled "A new blockchain-based secure and adaptative IoT framework", which will take place on January 17, 2019, at 14:00pm in room GR09 (ESIREM).

During the last fifteen years, the rise of smart and wireless enabled embedded devices lead to the development of wireless sensor networks (WSN). In the same time, the emerging of Cloud computing with the development of the Internet and the Web as an everyday technology thanks to the rise of bandwidth and processing power leads to new network paradigms. The Internet of Things (IoT) primary goal is to bridge the gap between these technologies and bring WSN sensing and actuating abilities to Cloud applications. We count a significant amount of work targeting the IoT in the last decade, however they lack proper solutions to ensure data privacy and security. Gartner investigations shows that 70% of connected and smart devices provide little or no security policies and solutions, making both user and devices vulnerable to attackers. In the field of digital currencies, Bitcoin proposed a new authenticated and trustless data structure dedicated to transactions logging in a decentralized network with the help of a consensus protocol : the blockchain. This thesis is focused on bringing the blockchain technology as a new solution for security in decentralized WSN in the IoT, providing the basis for a secure and adaptative agent-based middleware and execution framework. This framework attempt to federate existing work regarding the architecture of the IoT, but also to tackle security issues regarding network access, agent execution and trust evaluation. To achieve this goal, we propose Network Service Loader (NSL), an agent-based middleware constructed of existing protocols in a new way, along with a new solution called Blockchain Authentication and Trust Module (BATM) dedicated to node and users authentication, access control policies, and trust evaluation through our new Maximum Likelihood Trust Estimator (MLTE) algorithm.


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