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Automated vision system for surface indicators detection in Non Destructive Testing (Penetrant (PT) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) NDT)

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Automated vision system for surface indicators detection in Non Destructive Testing (Penetrant (PT) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) NDT)

PostDoctoral Position Research engineer 24 months

Company : CMPhy (30%)

Host Laboratory : ImViA (70%)

Key words : Non destructive testing Artificial vision Automatic detection Dimensioning AI.

Project description :
CMPHY and the ImViA laboratory wish to set up a collaboration for the development of a vision system allowing the detection of surface indications (linear and punctual flaws) for Penetrant Testing and Magnetic Particle Inspection with for eventual implementation at the industrial level.

Goal: The final objective is to develop a complete vision tool, with both hardware and software, to provide control assistance to operators for the detection, sizing and digitization of nondestructive inspections such as Penetrant Testing and Magnetic Particle Testing.
Tasks description: This will involve developing :

  • An optical sensor adapted to these control modes in terms of spectral band, image resolution 365nm UV lighting or white light
  • A software tool allowing the detection of flaws, their size, the storage of data and the development of an AI to automate control and decisionmaking
The integration of the detection means on a robotic arm will also be addressed during the development and associated tests for the intended industrial applications.

    Required profile and skills

    PhD in artificial vision with skills ranging from acquisition to image processing, including lighting and deep learning.

    • Funding : ANR Plan France Relance (80%), Entreprise (20%)
    • Application deadline : 31/07/2022
    • Interviews starting from 29/08/2022
    • Contract starting at the latest 1/10/2022
    • Gross salary per month : 2900

    Project Supervisor (ImViA): Patrick Marquié /

    Project Supervisor (CMPhy): Arnaud Pelletier /

    Applicants are invited to submit their application to the project supervisors.

    Application must contain the following documents:

    • CV
    • Cover letter
    • At least 1 reference letter

    PostDoc Ingénieur

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